Sunday, December 15, 2013


Mother is the one who make the world small
With her kindness and love
she melts the world small

She is the beauty of this world
No matter how old she is!
Her beauty not only lies in her face
But also in her heart!

She is the creator of love
Designer of my life
Stretches me with good habits
And buttons me from evils

The evils that lies in my failure
She stands by me with courage
And throws away all those evils
With no fear

I keep asking her 
The pain she gain 
To bring me to this world

She said"oh dear, my dear
You are not  a pain
You are the love
 that I wished i carry for years"

And she also remembered me that 
She still carries me
Just to see my Happiness....

Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday special

As for me birthdays are always special.. it's the day you born and so it will be always a special day for you.
So for all my family members I used to make something for them to make them feel happy. But unfortunately my birthday will not be soo good, no surprises, no gifts,no relaxation because it comes on examination but I will feel happy that many of them wishes me and that gives me big smile ;). And i will cut the cake which is prepared by my mom and I will help her to prepare that too.
But this year becomes very good for me... I woke up as usual... it used to be my dad who wakes me up first but this time it was my MOM. She hasn't prepare cake this time and I didn't buy chocolates either because I don't need to go to school on SUNDAY... then my bro came down wished me.. But still I was waiting for my beautiful sis and anni, handsome dad and machan and cute vishwa and Prashi's wishes. Then some of my friends wished me through the phone. I wore my new dress happily and felt like I am PRINCESS. When I stood under a tree some flowers fell on me and I felt I was blessed it was totally wonderful. Then here comes the best part.
We went to Madurai to pick up my anni and vishwa. I went inside I couldn't believe my eyes there was a BLACKFOREST CAKE and and and A BOX FULL OF KITKATS!!!!!!!!! It was a great surprise for me... I couldn't keep my eyes off from kitkat for some time I pinched myself to make sure it wasn't my dream.. Then my anni wished me.... Oh my god it's my birthday and to cut the cake surprisingly is one of my wish and dream which I hide from all...and it became true now..ALL THE SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO MY DIVYA ANNI... thank u so much anni... then I took all the kitkats she also presented me a cover full of my fav biscuits and chocolates and athai presented me a chocolate too...

Then all of them wished and the last wisher was my STUPID SISTER!!! hey Packia no gift for you on your birthday... then my idiot friend NARMATHA has forgotten to wish me so Narmu no wishes and gifts for your birthday too... HE HE HE...
A special thanks from Manicka to Gunasee mama, Jayanthi athai, Mathi machan, Balapa,Nithya, Chithi all the athais and mamas, akkas, annas, friends, cousins for wishing me...

And rest of YOU it doesn't matter u wish me because I know that u always remember me except my birthday...
Yes yes I forgotten to tell this my dad presented me palkova and my bro presented me DAIRY MILK SILK........


Monday, September 10, 2012


Hi everyone... I am ----- some people scare even to mention my name. I am powerful but diseased. I am easy to say but difficult to solve. I am strong  but gives weakness to others.  I am good as well as bad for you. I love every one and every one loves me back, but all I love is make them feel so bad, horrible and stupid at the end. This letter is for you people... to show my original face..... BE CAREFUL!!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Taj Mahal

Tajmahal, it is a beautiful building which is built by the
fifth mugal emparor SHAH JAHAN. It is built because of a promise made
by our hero SHAH JAHAN to his beloved wife
MUMTAZ. They spent 41 millions rupees 50 kilos of gold. About 20000
workers laboured for 12 years to complete it in 1643.

Tajmahal is made up of pure white marble to show the
pure love Shah Jahan had on mumtaz. the filigree screen, dainity carved in a single
block of marble.It has a very brilliant and beautiful artistic works which
adds a real beautiness of a building it makes Indians proud that they are
also famous for archetic works. Mumtaz mahal's cenotaph raised on a platfoarm
is placed naxt to Shah Jahan's The actual graves in a dark crypt below are
closed to the public. the lotus pool has lotus shaped fountains spouts, the pool
reflects the tomb. flowers such as tulip, lily, irisand poppy were depicted as
srays or in arabesque patterns.white marble, black slates, yellow red and grey
sandstones used for decoration

Shah Jahan was also known as Shahbuddin Mohammed
Shah Jahan who ruled INDIA from 1628 to 1658. He born on 5th januvary 1592.
The period of Shah Jahan's rule in India is regarded as THE GOLDEN AGE
OF INDIAN ARCHETECTURE. He loves archetec works
His main aim was to rule the whole world but when he succeded the throne
of his father Jahangir, he was titled as 'Lord of the Auspicious
he was also told by his people as THE KING OF THE WORLD. As he was
a fine ruler he also constucted many buildings namely
Red Fort or Lal Quila (Delhi)
Agra Fort (Partly)
Jama Masjid (Delhi)
Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque (Lahore)
Shalimar Gardens (Lahore)
Sections of the Lahore Fort (Lahore)
Jahangir Mausoleum
Shahjahan Mosque (Thatta)
One of his son AURANGAZEB took an oppurtunity to take
over the throne. Shahjahn has gone ill in 1657. His son thron him in the
prison and our hero died in the year 1666

Mumtaz Mahal is a common nick name of Arjumand Banu
Begum, an Empress of India during the Mughal Dynasty. She born in Agra.
She was relegiously a SHIA MUSLIM.
She was married on the age 14 to Prince Khurram, who would later ascend
the Peacock Throne as Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan I. She was very
beauiful and every poet compairs her beautiness with their writtings.
She was a kind, gentle and lovable woman.

Shri. P.N.OAK:
purushottam Nagesh Oak (March 2, 1917 - December 4, 2007),
commonly referred to as P. N. Oak, was an Indian writer. Who tries to
prove that Taj Mahal is a HINDU TEMPLE. Some of his research follows

1. The ending mahal is never Muslim because in none of the countries around the world from AFGHANISTAN TO ALGERIA is there a building known as MAHAL

2. The unusual explanation of the term Tajmahal derives from Mumtaz Mahal, who buried in it is illogical in atleast two respectsm viz., first her name was not Mumtazmaal but Mmtaz-ul-zamani and second one cannot omit the first three letters MUM from a woman's name to derive the remainder as the name of the building.

3. The tomb should be understood to signify NOT A BUILDING but only the grave or centotaph inside it. This would help people to ealize that all dead muslim couriers and roylty including Humayun, AKbar, Mumtaz, Etmasd-ud-Daula and Safdarjang have been buried in capture Hindu mansions and temples.

4. Moreover if the Taj is belived to be a burial place, how can the term Mahal'i.ei, mansion applay to it?

5. Since the term Taj mahal is not considered as a mogul court it is observed as TAJ and MAHAL are of Sanscrit orgin

6. The term Taj Mahal is a corrupt form of the sanskrit term TajoMahalay signifying a Shiva Temple. Agreshwar Mahadev i.e., The Lord of Agra was consecrated in it.

7. The pictures carved inside the upper border of themarble lattice plus those mounted on it number 108-a nomber sacred in Hindu Temple tradition

8. There are persons who are connected with maintainance of the Taj who have seen the ancient sacred Shiva linga and other idols sealed in the thic walls and in chambers in secret,.
he found more than this.....

May be Mr. P.N.Oak is right in these statements, which will make all of them to belive . On watching this confusions we could understood that if something is popular everybody would like to look close to it, to find some popularity for them this is really funny, isn't? But on reseaching these things it would only leads to fight.

As I asked about this to my friends, sisters and brothers
10% of them told it will be muslims property
15% of them told on hearing Mr.P.N.Oak researches it might be HINDUS property
35% of them told 1st it is HINDUS PROPERY and later it becomes property of Muslims. so obviously it is property of both
40% of them told never mind about relegions it is only a beautiful building
please aviod this religious matters and we want pease world
from these answers I could understand many of them doesn't wanted to take it as in reigious way but to make it as more popular
though it may be Hindu's or muslim's nobody will mind for it. It is just a beautyful building. AND I AM HAPPY FOR THAT, what about you my readers... ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A game to play.
but least to say.
To make a way .
to reach the sky.
Try, try audience say,
but they won't try
until I try.
I may win or lose.
But the scores are true.
the levels are more.
There will be no luck.
But there should be some hard work.
To play that game,
As life came.
Cheating will give money.
But honesty will give popularity.
The game gets tough.
when the players are rough.
if you move a coin,
It will give you a coin.
That coin will give you a lot of dollars.
One day,that dollar denotes you to all.
someday the dollar may say goodbye.
If you say that the cheating are for right.
Then the coins in your hand becomes light.
If you want it back, do something right.
to play that game,
As life came.
Be wise to make your game nice.
Avoid lies if you want your dollars to be raised!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

MAGIC OF PALACE 3rd PART {Brindanz war [gods war]}

Hi, here is your story MAGIC OF PALACE 3 part
 The answers for 2nd part is liya hugged that statue because it was her husband and you can get  the answer for my 2ns question from this story

                                                  After Liya went to upstairs, She heard some voice, so she suddenly closed the door and went down.and she had a long breath. After some mins, the queen came and informed to Liya that there is a important poojas at 5:00 pm so Liya should not wander around the palace and she should be in her room only. she told ok politely and told herself that "this is the day I am waiting for This would be the last day for Grecse".
                                                  At sharply 3:00 she went to upstairs again but she opened a library which is a restricted area before she stepped into the room she ate something and she became invisible she checked every rack and finally she found a book called "BRINDANZ WAR {gods order}".This is what I want and she read that book and told herself that. This book only contains about the war. she suddenly heard someone's footsteps so she remained as statue. It was Greece who entered into the room, when he entered he smiled and went to another direction, he took a key and opened a door. Liya also watched that . He took a book from that room. Liya whispered herself that "that is the book which I want!". Then Greece went out.
                                                    The poojas began. Liya cried aloud with disappointment and she became angry she split out a thing which she eaten when she went into the room and she took a sword to kill Greece.she went near Greece and told "you, The destroyer of the world I am going to kill you". Greece's shoulders ran to her to save their king. In that second Greece shouted "stop it" . It became so silence,Greece began to speak "Listen Liya, You can kill me, But before that you should know one thing to save your husband. In the past I am and your husband Brindanz are close friends, one day I decided to give my half a kingdom to my close friend. But my enemies who became jealous of our friendship and wealth. On those days we were  strong  in this country, so some of  our enemies talked to my close friends to separate him from me.    Their speech gave him some wrong thoughts of me. so he told that he decided to take war against me. Do you know one thing Liya we actually have powers to talk to god and the god will help us directly.when we took war Brindanz done some cheating from god side so our gods became angry at him because he don't know what is the meaning of friendship and began to do cheating. so when the war began. the gods changed him and  his army into statue and ordered us to take care of those statues. But I want my friend back so I asked to god that "oh my lord, I can't live without my friend,so what I mean to say is, can I exchange our fate?" and he replayed as to do poojas for 2 years and he could exchange.  so that only I am doing all these poojas and the god also ordered as not to spell those magical words which U are searching for.
                                                Liya became so surprised on hearing these news she couldn't believe it too. so she asked " how could I believe you? a light appeared then everybody in that hall sat down in respect. that light told that " Liya I am the god, I am the one who punished your husband" Liya cried "oh god! please save my husband" god replied that " Liya, its out of my hand, It is in your husband's thoughts to make  himself   free".
                                               Greece began to speak" my dear friend, I know that you are hearing our voice, just listen to me my friend. we all are here with lot of love in our heart for you. But you only not understanding us ". On hearing these words Brindanz statue began to crack because he is crying inside his heart because of his mistake. Then after 2 mins Brindanz came alive. He ran and hugged his friend Greece and cried " I am sorry my friend" Then Greece had some tears in his eyes. And all of them in that palace became very happy because the 2 friends was together now.
                                                   Hai! how is my story? I wrote this story now itself  because It was my first comment for my last pose. hi Jey brother are you happy now? :)
                                                  Thankyou for saravenesh machan and Venkata Vishwanath Vanjari  brother for the response.